VHF Contests 2., 5. and 16th March 2019

DL4MFM/p on DM/NS-036 Dörenberg
Night Activation

I activated 3 times in the first two weeks of March 2019 DM/NS-036 Dörenberg on 144 MHz. Always with the same configuration: 50W from a YAESU FT-857 D and a 5 ele Yagi. A total of 134 QSOs were made, 25 in CW and 109 in SSB. ODX was SM6VTZ for 729km. I reached 11 DXCC countries. Lowest temperature was 0 degrees and it was partly very stormy.


Daten von OpenStreetMap – Veröffentlicht unter ODbL
Seine QSO-Map kann man sich hier erstellen. Einfach das ADIF-Log hochladen.