July 2016 VHF Contest from Piesberg

Summit Activation # 515

Duo-Band-Yagi nach DK7ZB
Duo-Band-Yagi nach DK7ZB

July and really cold temperatures for summer. But no rain this morning and I took the chance to climb on my hausberg, the Piesberg DM/NS-108. I operated about one hour on 2m and 70cm .. only S&P. No special distances are in the log, but 5 DXCC countries. The station was a FT-857D with 25w output, powered by LiPo batteries, and a DK7ZB 5 ele 2m/8 ele 70cm duoband Yagi. Maybe the condx on 70cm were not good or the performance of the antenna on 432 MHz was bad. I worked only one close station and heard some weak stations, but they did not hear me.

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