Löbauer Berg DM/SX-047

König Friedrich August Turm
König Friedrich August Turm

On the „Löbauer Berg“ is the very beautiful cast iron „King Friedrich August (Outlook) Tower“ located. On the summit is not so much space for a short wave antenna, the MP-1 antenna does its job again! The weather was very beautiful, clear blue sky and temperatures around 25°C attracted a lot of people to visit the summit, the tower or the restaurant „Turmgastätte Löbauer Berg„. This day I had a record of questions: What are you doing? On what frequency are you operating? 27.xxx ? How far? Is it Short-Wave? … 🙂

To find the way to the summit was not so easy. A lot of roads were closed in Löbau because of road works. You will find some car parks near the „Herwigsdorfer Straße“  then  => „Grenzweg“. It is possible to drive up the mountain and then you will reach the summit with the tower and the „Turmgaststätte“ after some 100 metres by walking.




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