Mario operating as SC4CCC/4 from SMFF-1723  Rännberg
Mario operating as SC4CCC/4 from SMFF-1723 Rännberg

Sweden has started their own SMFF-activation ‚test‘. They added the rest of the un-approved National Parks and Nature Reservates to the existing WFF-list (001-085). So right now there are 3667 SMFF-places to run radio from!

The Swedish activation started April 9th this year. Until 28-May-2011 32,667 QSO’s has been made and 545 SMFF-places have been activated of around 200 Radio Amateurs.

– All is free
– No prizes
– Free diplomas automatically generated for own printout
– One top-list with most SMFF activated
– One top-list with most QSO’s activated

Very easy rules. One (1) point for every uniqe QSO – which must be confirmed to generate a point. It doesn’t matter which mode, band, or effect are used. The result will be set to zero (0)  Dec 31 at 24:00 so others will have a chance to get a good ranking.

Please go to  the WEBSITE and play around. Look at all pics in the Blog (1st page). Extra interesting pages are;

– Maps and areas (as an exemple, just put in JO78PN and click to see the excellent map)
– Charts

This is really fun. It´s a mix of technique, physical avtivity and nature experiences. On top of it all, most of us reduces our BMI   🙂

(Info SE5X-SA5BTB via WFF Reflector)