SOTA Activities in German Low Mountains (Association DM)

After three month of renewed massively reduction of SOTA references in DM I wanted to take a look back at the SOTA activations. Is it just as predicted that nothing will change? Or do the deletions of the many references effects?

From the GMA log the trend is clearly read. In February everyone has probably visited his local mountains. A fabulous activity can be seen with the February peak

Activations from the GMA-Logbook
Activations from the GMA-Logbook

From March, the GMA-members are not so often QRV from the DM mountains (blue line), but DA mountains experienced an unbroken popularity and reach in May 2016 even a peak (red line), DL mountains (Germany Alpine SOTA Association, green line) continue to play almost no matter.

The SOTA year 2016 began excelling. In the same period in 2015 there was an increase by 80% (!) of activities.

(Blue = German stations, Orange = foreign visitors)

In the period after the big cutting it looks a bit different. The SOTA activities decreased by 23%, the activations of German operators by 30%. The number of participants has declined by 20%, the share of German Activators even by 33%.

Because of the excellent start to the year 2016 compared to 2015 looks positive.

Here the share of German Activators January-May …

Here the share of German Activators March-May ..

In DA-references (that’s valid for GMA only) it looks like that the number of activator remained unchanged (January-May 2016 compared to 2015), but the number of activations increased to 40%. The Chaser have logged a total of 2,425 different DA-activations of 247 different stations on 375 different DA references.

During the same period 933 activations of DM references were via SOTAwatch published with 153 activators on 457 summits.

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