Welcome Back – QWTelnet!

QWTelnet Version 2

QWPacketeer and QWTelnet were famous DX-Cluster tools in the 1990’s. Because I did not find what I am searching for – a DX-Cluster Tool what gives me more information than DX and IOTA, but actual programs like RDA, WFF and SOTA with audio alerts, I revived with a complete redesign QWTelnet.

It is written with LAZARUS  (Freepascal FPC), that means, it is ready for Linux etc., too. This is an early beta version, but it works good.

And a special goodie: QWTelnet 2 is parsing SOTAwatch and gives audioalerts (if you want) for SOTA spots … this will later replace the SOTAmap-Tool (perhaps).

read more, download, enjoy:





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