10m Contest from DM/NS-036 Dörenberg

Summit Activation # 529


I operated today 80 minutes from the Dörenberg, DM/NS-036, and managed in this time 68 cw QSOs – on 28 MHz!

Okay – it was the DARC 10m Contest. Station was 40W and a horizontal polarized Delta Loop in about 8m height, Condx for groundwave were really good and I wondered about so many far distance QSos.

I heard, we had Meteor Scatter … that were the reason – but I do not know how to recognize that. It was uncomfortably cold and icy. In our area yesterday was freezing rain and it was no pleasure to go up the mountain. For the climb, I needed more than twice the time than under normal conditions.

DM/NS-108 Piesberg mit Denis, VA2IEI

Summit Activation # 525

This weekend I have activated together with Denis, VA2IEI, DM/NS-108 Piesberg. Denis wanted to try to establish an S2S QSO with North America. His station: KX3 with ALEX loop, my station 20w with FT857D and a linked-dipole. The conditions were worse than ever before. Only 14 QSO in a three-quarter hour at 3°C temperature. But then it was enough …

Hankenüll, DM/NS-058

07-FEB-2016: Hankenüll, DM/NS-058, JO42CC. This is a typical landscape from the Teutoburg Forrest. A small ridgeway and on both sides it falls steep down. This was the last SOTA activation from this summit, meanwhile it is deleted. 50 QSOs within one hour, 11°C, heavy winds, 25w output to a linked dipole and a lot S2S (Summit to Summit) qsos.