Activity Contests – First Tuesday – Dörenberg DM/NS-036

This month we started the GMAC – Global Mountain Activity Contest. That means, GMA takes part in the „first-tuesday-in-a-month“ 144 MHz contests. But – you have to enter from a GMA summit. Exchange is report and QTH-locator.

For the first entry (after a software test-phase) I used our clubcall DL0GMA. Location was the well known Hermansturm outlook tower – the highest point in our county – on the Dörenberg in the Teutoburg Forest.

In very bad weather I managed 71 QSOs with FT857D (35W) and a 5 ele DK7ZB Yagi.

The evening began dry, then fog came up, later drizzle and then rain. But it was a lot of fun. Also again with other visitors on that tower, who were curious what I am doing …


Stemweder Berg: GMA, SOTA and WWFF

Sunday, sunny weather, 28°C. Perfect conditions for a hike through the Stemweder Berg in the Naturepark Dümmer DLFF-0051 in Northwest Germany. The HF conditions were bad as the last weeks. 70 QSOs with a linked dipole in the 40, 30 and 20m band with 50 Watts  output of YAESU FT857D. I activated two summits, DA/NW-211 Scharfer Berg and close by DM/NW-256 Kollwesshöh.

The Stemweder Berg is the most northern and smallest Mittelgebirge (Low Mountain Range) in Germany.

Juli 2016 144 MHz Nordic Activity Contest

Summit Activation # 516

... wenigstens kein Regen!
… wenigstens kein Regen!

Wer hier ab und zu mal hereinliest, der weiß inzwischen, dass jeden ersten Dienstag im Monat so einiges los ist im 2m-Band. Endlich war am Dienstag, den 5. Juli, kein Regen vorhergesagt und auch nur in einiger Entfernung Regen auszumachen. Der erste „erste-Dienstag-im-Monat“ dieses Jahr ohne Regen!

Leider konnte ich erst gegen 20.30 MESZ qrv werden, das hat aber trotzdem dicke gereicht, um diese Bergaktivität für das GMA (Global Mountain Activity) zu qualifizieren. Die Antenne war dauerhaft Richtung Norden gedreht, um Station aus dem NAC (NRAU Activiy Contest,   Ausschreibung in Deutsch) zu erwischen.

Zu meiner Überraschung konnte ich sogar noch Pom, DG7ACF/P, vom Berg „Fast“ DM/NS-121 bei Springe für ein Berg-zu-Berg-QSO loggen und auch einige Telegrafie-QSOs sind im Log gelandet.

Station heute:

  • FT-857D mit bis zu 50W output
  • 5 element DK7ZB Yagi

Karte von OpenStreetMap – Veröffentlicht unter ODbL

July 2016 VHF Contest from Piesberg

Summit Activation # 515

Duo-Band-Yagi nach DK7ZB
Duo-Band-Yagi nach DK7ZB

July and really cold temperatures for summer. But no rain this morning and I took the chance to climb on my hausberg, the Piesberg DM/NS-108. I operated about one hour on 2m and 70cm .. only S&P. No special distances are in the log, but 5 DXCC countries. The station was a FT-857D with 25w output, powered by LiPo batteries, and a DK7ZB 5 ele 2m/8 ele 70cm duoband Yagi. Maybe the condx on 70cm were not good or the performance of the antenna on 432 MHz was bad. I worked only one close station and heard some weak stations, but they did not hear me.

AGCW VHF Contest June 2016

Summit Activation # 515

Mordkuhlenberg DA/NI-238


Our car is broken and we decided to buy a new one. But it needs about 6 weeks to rebuild it for wheelchair access. Meanwhile I drive my BMW scooter … and I was ready for AGCW VHF Contest, Antenna and mast were in the scooter’s backpack.

From the „carpark“ Schweizerhaus it is only a short hike, about 1km, until the outlook tower. The setup was routine: put together the DK7ZB 5 ele, push up the fiberglass mast, connecting the station.

I heard the first stations calling CQ, worked one and then as usual: CQ de DM7N. ODX was F6DCD for 434 km. Then suddenly a gush and thunderstorm came up – during a QSO my Palm Paddles were flooded and the key had feeled 50 wpm. That was too quick for me and the other station. Fast as a lightning (like around me) I shut down the station and walked downstairs into the shelter at the foot of the outlook tower and had to wait some 20 minutes until I could leave DA/NI-238 Mordkuhlenberg.


SOTA Activities in German Low Mountains (Association DM)

After three month of renewed massively reduction of SOTA references in DM I wanted to take a look back at the SOTA activations. Is it just as predicted that nothing will change? Or do the deletions of the many references effects?

From the GMA log the trend is clearly read. In February everyone has probably visited his local mountains. A fabulous activity can be seen with the February peak

Activations from the GMA-Logbook
Activations from the GMA-Logbook

From March, the GMA-members are not so often QRV from the DM mountains (blue line), but DA mountains experienced an unbroken popularity and reach in May 2016 even a peak (red line), DL mountains (Germany Alpine SOTA Association, green line) continue to play almost no matter.

The SOTA year 2016 began excelling. In the same period in 2015 there was an increase by 80% (!) of activities.

(Blue = German stations, Orange = foreign visitors)

In the period after the big cutting it looks a bit different. The SOTA activities decreased by 23%, the activations of German operators by 30%. The number of participants has declined by 20%, the share of German Activators even by 33%.

Because of the excellent start to the year 2016 compared to 2015 looks positive.

Here the share of German Activators January-May …

Here the share of German Activators March-May ..

In DA-references (that’s valid for GMA only) it looks like that the number of activator remained unchanged (January-May 2016 compared to 2015), but the number of activations increased to 40%. The Chaser have logged a total of 2,425 different DA-activations of 247 different stations on 375 different DA references.

During the same period 933 activations of DM references were via SOTAwatch published with 153 activators on 457 summits.

(Sources:, http: //

50 MHz Sporadic-E

Setup at the last weekend: my 50 MHz portable antenna in the garden abt 10m high. This is a horizontal polarized delta-loop. Okay – it has not so much gain but it is nearly a omnidirectional antenna. I made a lot of nice QSOs this weekend with my 25w output. What I heard I could work and some stations returned to my CQ. Nice!

Sporadic-E on Wikipedia

Operating from Wales and England

In early May I (M0GQY) was on a trip to North Wales for operating from SOTA summits and for a little bit sightseeing. I stayed at Mike, GW0DSP, and his wife Anne, who were fabulous hosts. Thanks again! The wx was quiet good, sometimes very windy on the mountains. HF conditions were sadly not so good. Steve, G1INK, joined us for the most time and we also met Mike, 2E0YYY, on G/SP-010, where we set up 3 stations.

The flight was from Bremen to Manchester and back. Of course, there was again a special security check because of the radio equipment, but everything was okay and the inspectors as usual very friendly.

Here some impressions from the trip:

Burgentag, 1. Mai 2016

WCA DL-02011, Burg Hachen
WCA DL-02011, Burg Hachen

CASTLES ON THE AIR-DAY 2016: okay- my decision was „Burg Hachen“ . WX was very cold and misty. I made some QSO as DM7N on 40m CW and then qsyed to the hot coffee